UP Dryland Dash

UP200 Dryland Dash Returns to Marquette County October 13-14

 Negaunee Township Park at 42 East M35 to host with a Fun Run for pet owners and UPAWS earning a share of entry fees.

 Marquette, MI. September 1, 2018 – What do sled dogs and drivers do when there is no snow? See for yourself at the UP200 Dryland Dash and Fun Run at the Negaunee Township Park October 13-14, 2018. See the equipment, dogs in training, and even try your own dog! Races over the one or two mile loop trails start at 10 am Saturday and Sunday. Classes featured in the two day event will be the 6 and 4 dog rig; 2 dog scooter; 1 and 2 dog bikejor and 1 and 2 dog canicross. Times will be combined over the two days to determine the winners competing for a part of a $2000 purse. Entry information and rules for the Dryland Dash can be found at www.witrailblazers.org.

 This is the third year the event has been co-sponsored by the Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association and the Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club held in Marquette County. There will be an opportunity for people with limited or no experience to try their own dog on a one day, one mile, one dog bikejor or canicross. This Fun Run will be offered at 2 pm on Saturday. A limited number of harnesses, shock absorber lines and waist belts may be available for loan. Entry information and rules for the Fun Run can be found at the UPSDA website at www.UP200.org.

 The Upper Peninsula Animal Welfare Shelter (UPAWS) will receive a portion of the entry fees from both the UP200 Dryland Dash and the UP200 Fun Run. This will help in the ongoing fundraising for the organization for the construction of their new facility.

 The Upper Peninsula Sled Dog Association’s purpose is to promote sled dog sports and educate the public about sled dog racing activities including care, training, recreational mushing, skijoring, canicross and sled dog racing. UPSDA is incorporated as a non-profit under the laws of Michigan and has been promoting and organizing the UP200 for 30 years.

 Contact Information:     Tim Trowbridge, UP200 Dryland Dash and Fun Run Chairman

Harvey, Michigan 49855
Cell 920-323-7256 tctrowbridge@charter.net