Road Project Update

As of today, we are patiently awaiting the paving of the final driveways of the project. I really have to relay my thanks in the fact that while these residents have been waiting the longest, they have been the least compaint group that we have worked with. Thank you for that.

Shoulder contour, culvert riprapping, striping, signage, are all complete and those bothersome orange barrells will be disappearing next week after grass hydoseeding and mulching is complete. We have a few mailboxes to move yet next week.
For such a big project in such a constricted time frame we are still on budget and on time. We're proud of that because those are your tax dollars that are being spent. Enjoy and please drive safe! 

Gary Wommer
Township Trustee and Road Project Oversight


Asphalt paving to be completed includes 2 driveways on South Basin and 10 on North Basin. We know that our residents are not at all happy with the work pace, and neither are we with the paving crew coming all the way from Dickinson County and then paving what they can in one day. Hopefully it will be completed this week between rains.

Shoulder repairs are continuing. South Basin and North Road are looking better and we expect Kivela and the Airport Circle/ Heritage Drive to see attention this week. Crews are working until 7:30 pm and later so please slow down when you see those flashing lights.

Again, as much as we would like to, and logic appears to, we have absolutely no control over speed limits on any road in our Township and all that we can do is relay complaints to the Sheriff's Department. I have a calibrated radar gun at my disposal and spend a fair amount of time in getting an exact summary of speeds in problem areas so as to pass along accurate information.

As always, thanks for your patience and understanding in this project as we approach completion.