Negaunee Township Zoning Ordinance
Revised:  July, 2018

Zoning Ordinance Amendments
Adopted:  December 13, 2017


Ordinance to Authorize & Regulate the Establishment of Medical Marijuana Facilities
Adopted:   December 13, 2017

Michigan Medical Marihuana Facility Application
Adopted:  December 13, 2017

Repealed Marijuana Ordinance
(Informational Only) 

Recinded:  December 13, 2017

Miscellaneous Debris Ordinance
Adopted:  April 11, 2013

Dangerous Buildings Ordinance
Adopted:  September 12, 2013

Amendment Article X - Natural Resource Extraction
Amended:  December, 2012 

Outdoor, Open Burning and Wood-Fired Boiler Ordinance
Revised:  June, 2009

Animal Control Ordinance

Civil Infraction Ordinance

Land Division, Subdivision & Condominium Ordinance
New:  August, 2008

Ordinance Enforcement Officer Ordinance
New:  June, 2009

Snow Placement Ordinance (Summary)

Collection and Disposal of Solid Waste - 2012
Water System Oper. Ordinance Water System Oper. Ordinance
Updated:  2004

Water Thaw Policy