Sanitation Department


Sanitation Clerk:
      Jackie Shier

Garbage collection and curbside recycling are currently contracted out to North Country Disposal (906-249-4500).

  • Billing -
    • Township residential properties are billed quarterly for services at a charge of $12 per month ($36 per quarter) for a full 12 months.  ($144 annually)
    • The fee is not waived for seasonal properties  or "snowbirds" who leave the area during winter months.
    • A $15.00 per quarter late fee  is charged to unpaid accounts and delinquent amounts become a  lien on the  winter tax bills.
  • Recycling is done each week on your regular garbage pick up day.   Simply place your recyclables in a recycle bin - separated from the regular household garbage and in accordance with weekly schedule established by the Marquette County Solid Waste Management Authority.   Click the RECYCLING button to the left to see addtional information.
  • All household garbage put out for collection must be in sealed bags weighing less than 30 pounds. (No leaves, grass cuttings, branches or other such items)
  • North County Disposal would like to remind pet owners to keep their pets indoors or leashed on garbage collection days.  Loose, barking, aggressive animals can impede garbage collection.
  • Residents wishing to haul construction debris, tires, wood, lumber, etc directly to the Marquette County Landfill must first obtain a hauling permit from the Township office.   There is no charge for the permit but you will be billed by the Township for the cost of the actual tipping fees.