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 PLEASE NOTE:   Effective 7/14/2016, Pool Fills will no longer be conducted by the Fire Department

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MOTTO:  "Our Pride is Protecting Our Coummunity"


The Negaunee Township Fire Department was formed in February, 1979 and is located at 42 M-35 in Negaunee Township.  When first organized, the Department consisted of 28 members under the leadership of Chief Ted Kero.   In February, 2016 the Department celebrated their 37th anniversary of serving the residents of Negaunee Township.  

As of January, 2016 the Department has 31 Honorary Retirees and 11 deceased members.  In February, 2004 the Department expanded to provide an Emergency Medical First Responders Unit which consisted of 8 members.    Currently the EMS group has grown to 11 EMT's, 1 EMT Specialist and 2 Paramedics.   The unit responds to an average of 75-85 calls per year.

The Fire / EMS Department is led by Chief Jeff Kontio and Assistant Chief Jim Elenbaas.   As of January, 2016 the Department has 22 members with 8 opens to be filled <click here to access info on recruitment campaign>.   There are four firefighting units and one highly equipment EMS unit.  In May of 2012 a new 4x4 unit for fighting wild fires was put into service replacing a 1986 4x4 pickup truck.   In February of 2015, a new 2,200 gallon tanker unit was put into service replacing an older 1990 tanker.  In 2022 the Department is looking at replacing the pumper unit which was put into service in 2002. 

Over the past 37 years the department has made three areas of the highest concern:

#1- Training and Safety-  We have (and always will) put training and safety as a top concern.   A firefighter not trained properly is first-  a risk to themselves, second - a risk to other members,  and third - a risk to the general public third.   We follow all State required guidelines and ensure every firefighter trains monthly and receives the hours needed to keep them up to standards.    In addition, teamwork on fire and EMS scenes is critical, and fully trained firefighters makes certain the work is performed properly. 

#2- Personal Turn Out Gear-  The cost of firefighting gear has never been, and never will be, an issue.   Personal safety equipment is provided by the Township to all firefighters and is kept in compliance with all necesary requirements and in ready condition to assure the safety of all Department members.  Since the Department was established, no firefighter has been over come by smoke while responding to an emergency situation - a goal the Department has worked hard to achieve and maintain.   The safety of our firefighters is a top priority on a daily basis.

#3- Apparatus- The cost of fire response vehicles is sky rocketing.   Careful budgeting allows the Department to keep up with the best equipment available.    Having all the required training and all the best protective gear is nothing if effective firefighting units are not available to Department personnel.   Whether it be a wild fire, a house fire or a vehicle accident, the equipment makes the task a success or a failure.

In addition to providing fire protection and medical services, every year they  also participate in a combined effort with the the Negaunee City Fire Department to provide the students of Negaunee Public School System with educational programs on both fire safety and fire prevention.

Membership in the Department is limited, however, for those 18 years and older applications can be picked up at the Negaunee Township Office or printed online from the "Recruitment" page.   The Department pays for all costs associated with the Michigan State Firefighting and EMS courses.  

Questions regarding the Department, including seeking additional information, can be directed to the Department via the contact information shown above.  

For Emergencies, please dial 9-1-1.