Cub Scout Activities


The Wolfs are made of of 2nd grade students from local elementary schools.   There are 8 boys who participate, led by Co-Leaders Shirley Reno and Terri Dunstan.   The group use the Negaunee Township Hall, and other venues, for various fun and educational activities.

This year the group are working to complete the requirements to move on to the next level in scouting, the "Bears".   Cub scouts also encourages parents to work with their children at home.

Activities have included the Scout Olympics,  a Space Race, Cardboard Classic at Marquette Mountain on February 2nd  (group took 2nd place in the race, 3rd place  in design), and the annual Pinewood Derby.


 Pinewood Derby    Pinewood Derby Track
Cub Scouts    Cub Scouts 
 Pinewood Derby    Cardboard Classic at Marquette Mountain
 Cub Scouts    Cub Scouts
 Space Race    Space Race
 Cub Scouts    Cub Scouts