Making Payments to the Township

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Information: Debit / Credit Card - Non- Tax Payments

As of 7/1/17, Negaunee Township is now accepting credit and debit cards as payment for amounts due to the Township.   Payments can be made by clicking one of the links above, in person or over the phone during business hours.   Fees apply.   Click the link below to view the Terms of Service.   Fee schedules shown directly below are for non-tax payments made via the GovPay links above, in person or via phone to the Township Office, with another fee schedule for payments made via Phone-Assist directly with GovPayNet.   (A separate fee schedule exists for Tax Payments)


Information: Debit / Credit Card - Tax Payments

Credit and debit card full and partial payments are  accepted during tax season. All due dates still apply.   If a partial payment is made, the Township will apply the payment and send out an adjusted bill reflecting that payment.   Debit and credit card payments may be made by clicking on one of the links shown above, in person or over the phone during business hours. Fees apply.   Click the link above for Terms of Service, and the link below to view the tax payment fee schedule - which differ from the fees assessed for other payments to the Township.

          Tax Payment Fee Schedule

Cash or Check Payments

Cash and check payments are  accepted for Township billings and can be be made in person or via mail.   However, separate checks need to be written for Tax, Water and Garbage payments