10 Digit Dialing Requirement

10-digit dialing to be required for all calls in 616, 810, 906 and 989 area codes

 Michiganders in the 616, 810, 906 and 989 area codes will have to use those area codes when dialing even for local calls starting Oct. 24 this year, the Michigan Public Service Commission announced.  However, callers are urged to start dialing all 10 digits now to get used to the new requirement.

People who dial only seven digits will still be connected during a “permissive dialing period.”  However, on Oct. 24, the change becomes official, and local calls dialed with only seven digits may not be completed.

The reason for the change is that 988 has been designated by the federal government as the abbreviated three-digit code to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  That will go into effect July 2022.  Because 988 is used as a prefix-or the first three digits after the area code-in many area codes across the country, for 988 to go directly to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, any area code that includes the 988 prefix must transition from seven-digit dialing to 10-digit dialing.  Customers in other Michigan area codes are not affected by these changes at this time.

Items that may need to be reprogrammed due to the change include life safety systems or medical monitoring devices, fax machines, security systems, cell phone contract lists, call forwarding settings and voicemail.