Water Department

Please take a few minutes to view our recently completed video dealing with Wellhead Protection.

Water Department Administrator:                     Andrew Hall
Water Clerk:                                                         Jackie Laurila

Negaunee Township provides municipal water service principally to residents living within the area one mile north and south of US-41/28. The Water Department serves approximately 473 customers as of December, 2018.

This system consists of two wells and a two hundred thousand gallon elevated storage tank located by the Community Center on M-35. With the existing pumps the maximum they can produce is about 792,000 gallons /24 hours. Current use per day is about 85,000 gallons per day during the winter and about 110,000 gallons per day in the summer months. NO chemicals are added to the water for treatment prior to it being delivered to water customers

Water meter readings are done by our Water Department staff during the last week of each month.    

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding water service, please contact the Water Department.